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The Drovers Daughter first evolved when I had a eureka moment and realised I could combine my passion for sheep as a shepherdess with my love of native plants as a medical herbalist. 


Inspired by my family heritage of drovers and herbalists I create products from sheeps milk from my little Lamb at Foot flock, from the plants to be found along the byways and hedgerows of the British Isles and with sustainably sourced botanical ingredients.

A qualified medical herbalist I also studied nutrition and aromatherapy and spent clinical training hours at both Whipps Cross Hospital Dermatology department under their resident herbalist and at The Breast Cancer Haven. I have run clinics and workshops across the UK and am currently writing two books , one about the use of herbs in farming and one around my amazing herbal heritage



Our mission is to create sustainable and beautiful products for you from our little flock of sheep and from plants that we grow and forage, from soaps and salves , to teas and botanical beverages. Everything we create is made ethically , with the welfare of our sheep and the environment in mind 


Our sheep are farmed regeneratively, taking the greatest care of both them and the environment. We forage and harvest responsibly always leaving enough for nature and we source our ingredients from reputable suppliers. We pride ourselves on working with nature and leaving the smallest footprint possible 

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