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Sheeps milk soap

With autumn approaching I yearn to be in the kitchen making, filling the house with the smell of herbs, so this weekend was spent creating the prototype soap for The Drovers Daughter. With buckets and pans ready I weighed the sheeps milk and popped it in the freezer, ready to add the lye. I had infused rapeseed oil with rosemary, and olive oil with lavender ready for the first batch, it smelt divine!

I have made lots of goats milk soap many moons ago when I had a little herd of 84 goats but now my life revolves around sheep I looked at the benefits to the skin of sheeps milk , its amazing stuff! It has twice as many vitamins, including E and A, and minerals as cows or goats milk , high in proteins and butterfats it is intensely moisturising , with lactic acid, .a natural exfoliant and anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties.

It had been so long since I had made soap I was just

a little nervous about how it would turn out but I'm absolutely delighted with it , just waiting for it to cure for a few weeks , and for the product license and stamp to make it extra special and it will be available to buy! I'm going to try it with calendula next ,that was one of my favourites in my soaps before as it is so gentle on sensitive skin :)

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