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For specific conditions I offer one to one consultations

As a Medical Herbalist I have an Honours degree in Herbal medicine and have over 20 years experience in working with herbs. My comprehensive clinical training has included work at Whipps Cross Hospital in their dermatology department, as well as at The Haven breast cancer care unit in London, I went on to work at their branch in Titchfield from its opening until 2018. I practice from clinics across the South , as well as from my home.

 Many patients come to herbal medicine for a solution to long standing problems, herbal medicine can often help relieve complaints such as IBS, hormonal and skin issues, joint and respiratory troubles.

An initial consultation will last up to an hour, with a full medical history to give me a whole health picture to assist with your treatment plan.

Finally a medicine may be made for the individual, this could be for example, a tea, tincture, cream or ointment and will usually contain a mixture of herbs tailored especially for the individual patient

With a passion for native plants I believe that the rich flora of the British Isles equips us to source and produce our own herbal medicines as we have done traditionally for very many years with modern research now showing the efficiency of our own plant medicines.

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